a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


December and the streets are very busy with Christmas shoppers. That includes us. It was hard to get much done and we had nothing important to do anyway .We went to the Crossings , had a coffee at Tim's. Went to London Drugs , bought a magazine, some recycling bags, Ray got some pills for his eyes. Forget what they are called and don't want to get up and look for them.

We did not stay out for long, too crowded and too busy. December is a good month to stay home. We'll go out sometime in January. But we do have a date with Bob and Buzz on  Friday for lunch 
and Matthew is picking us up to go to Chelsea's show tomorrow. That will be fun.

As for the rest of today we came home and watched TV. We did not even have dinner. I had a fried egg on bread, I like that and Ray had a sandwich. Tomorrow I must make dinner . I don't care for cooking so it is  not a pleasure for me to cook. 

And that is the day. Have a lovely evening folks.

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