a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, December 31, 2016


More snow today. It has snowed most of the day and it is sticking on the branches of the trees.  

Meg and Lewis were here today with Charlotte and Orson.   I hope they got home safe and sound.  It was fun with Charlotte, always is. I really enjoy her.  She has such an outgoing personality. Orson is still quite young and has not developed his personality yet.  I so enjoyed their visit.  
I hope their trip home to Abbotsford was uneventful and safe. I will call them later on.

That was the excitement for today. It made me very happy. Katie was in town and she came along with Meg and Lewis for a visit. It was wonderful to see her.. She lives in Calgary so we don't  get the opportunity to see her very often.

Other than company the day was quiet, no calls of any sort. 

We are watching Bridge Disasters. Scary.!

That is all folks, not much is it?

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