a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, December 4, 2016


Hmm it appears that I have not written a blog for days. Why? Who knows, forgetfulness?

I just washed my hair and now my head is wet LOL.  I think we are going out later this afternoon, not anywhere special , just an opportunity to get out of the apartment.We like to go out every day and greet the world.

Yesterday we went to ABC with Sam for dinner. It was Ray's birthday and Sam is always good about that for Ray. Matthew and 
Caroline came over to see Ray too.
It was a good day for Ray.

Today we have not done anything special. But the day is not yet over so who knows.  

I just read a magazine /book about Donald Trump.It is a special edition of TIME. A very interesting read. Since the Donald will be the ruler of the free world at some point it should be preferred reading at some point. It affects all of us.

It looks as if we are staying home again today. Ray is napping in his chair.  I cannot sleep in my chair, have to lie down on the bed before I can sleep. But then I  sure get a good nap.Not today though.

Lots of Christmas stuff on TV now that it is December. It is pleasant for a short while. I enjoy the season if not the shopping. 
I no longer shop for Christmas, it has become prohibitive.

And that is it for today folks. Have a great day.

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