a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, November 27, 2016


According to me I have missed writing a blog for several days. So here I am back again.

Adam has been here, staying with Sam but visiting with us too. He was here this afternoon for a visit as he is heading home to Louisiana Tomorrow morning. It was good visiting with him. He was able to see brothers Peter and Matthew too so that was good.

Other than Adam's visit we did little else today. We are watching the football game  RedBlacks against Calgary Stampeders. I know Rick is watching it too in Calgary . The score right now is  7 for Calgary and 17 for Ottawa. Not good for the west. Let's hope for a change soon. 
Sunday football in Canada is the sport of the day.

I am still knitting cloths to keep my fingers busy. The pile continues to grow. It will soon be time to have a give away. 
Or maybe I should knit something else. I have a nice pattern somewhere for a child's sweater. I must look for it.
And buy the yarn.  I don't keep stocks of wool on hand so need to go shopping. Not a problem LOL.

It has been quite a lazy day for me. But Ray has been busy . He is making vegetable soup. It will be good as he is always a great cook.  Right now he is going down the hall to the storage room for a can of corn.  

I need to empty out the dryer soon. Good job for me to do. Requires no particular skill. 

I want to give Bob and Buzz a call for a date. or maybe they can give me a call. Hint hint.

So that is it folks. Have a great evening.

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