a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I am still on board folks

It has been so long since I spoke to you all. However I have little to say these days. Life has been slow, no big times happening. \But next week Adam is arriving and we are excited about thall it has been a long time or so it seems. I am hoping for a house visit and some meals out. Mostly Adam stays at Sam's but perhaps  he'll stay with us for a couple of days. It will be great to see him again.

Life has been slow and simple recently despite the fact that I have been not feeling too well for a day or two. Better today though. I am looking forward to getting out for a little while today.

I have settled into knitting for the winter , well not for the whole winter but some of it. I am knitting little wash cloths and piling them up. The last pile I had Ray gave away most of them so now I need to make the pile bigger so I can give them away LOL.  Also I am considering knitting socks. I love to knit them but do not like to wear knitted socks. My feet don't get cold, lucky me!!

I missed my sewing group yesterday. Just as I was getting ready to go I felt a bit ill and had to cancel. My apologies to Pat who was already waiting for me. Ray had to go down and let her know I could not come. I hope she will forgive me.  So for the day I spent quite a bit of it in bed. However it must have been good for me as today I feel a lot better.

I have watched more TV lately than I ever have so it will be great to get out and about once again. Right now I am watching Matlock,  my morning coffee break.:>)

I hope to get out later after I get dressed and ready for the day.  Ray is busy doing some of the daily chores at the moment. What a great husband he is!!  I could never get a better one.

I have not been sewing for some time, not by machine anyway even though I have done some hand sewing. I like to sit and do some hand work, sewing, knitting, things like that. Those are the simple things of life.  Also I do a bit of cooking.
The weather has been wet but I like that. Rain is my favourite. As we west coasters always say " at least we don't have to shovel it". LOL. I do not care for snow, guess it is because I have lived here most of my life and am very used to rain. The rain is a way of life in the winter and spring. Just rambling on today.

Doctor just called and I have to go for an ultra sound on the 23rd at noon.Why, I don't know,
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 Ray and I went out for a while today. We went to Cockney Kings for a lunch - Fish and Chips. they have the best fish and chips. Ray just had fish and I had a small fish and chips. We enjoyed our lunch.
There were some unusual people in the restaurant. Hmm Maybe we were unusual too LOL. A lot of people love fish and chips.

I was tired when we got home and had d great nap.
There that is it for today. I hope tomorrow is a full day with lots fo things happening. And I hope your day was great.

Until then folks.

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