a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, February 21, 2016

smooth Sunday

Quiet today, a day of rest for us,  other than finishing off the laundry from yesterday. 
We went out to the drug store for a bit and I bought another paperback book for myself. This one is entitled " You Don't Know Me by Nancy Bush. "  I bought one yesterday too so I have lots to read. I can't go to sleep without reading for a bit. Marg and I trade books , I have one of hers I have yet to read. This way we get to read even more books. You know I don't even remember learning to read. My youngest son Matthew taught himself to read before he even went to school.  I remember him saying to me , Mom these words make no sense, when he wasn't even in school. I said you can't read Matthew. Yes I can he said but not this. Show me what you are trying to read .It was the French side of the cereal box.  I turned the box around to the English side and he said Oh, I can read this and he proceeded to do so. I was unaware he could read until that moment. Amazing!!  A child's mind is a precious thing.

 There was nothing to do otherwise today other that going out for a bit and spending a lazy day at home.  That was today.

I must call Pat and tell her I have to go to the hospital on Tuesday so not to come and pick me up. There just did that. I hate to miss out on my special sewing day but sometimes there is no alternative.
I missed last week too because I was feeling ill.

Tonight I am sitting in my chair relaxing and computering and writing this blog.  When we spend the day at home we get kind of lazy. Tomorrow we'll get out as we have to take out T4s to the tax accountant. We over paid on our taxes so there will be a refund. The government has had that $$$ for long enough. LOL.

That is all for tonight. Have a great evening folks.

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