a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, February 28, 2016


Remember this song Lazybones Sleeping in the Sun, How you gonna get your day's work done Sleeping in the mid day sun.
It was very popular when I was a young person. I still love this song.It was performed by numerous groups and persons. My favourite performance was by  Paul Robeson.
 I remember singing it myself but not for publication LOL.
Well that is me today, Lazybones. I did very little today, sat in my chair , played with my laptop, wrote this blog and snoozed a bit.

Adam went off to Sam's earlier in the day and will be staying with Sam overnight. He will be back around noon I think. He and I are going back to Tartantown , he has to get his pipes back and I like looking at all the Scottish things in this store. My mom would have loved it as she was a Scot, born in Port Glasgow.

I have been informed that it is not necessary for me to write a long blog every day so this might be a short blog.
Yes it will be a short blog as I have so little to say tonight.

Other than doing so little today I spent the day sitting and doing nothing. That is my "so little ".  My day was good!

I wanted to give Adam some of my knitted wash cloths today but when I went to my closet for them Adam was gone off to Sam's when  I came out of my room. So Adam they are on the table for you to take home to Lisa.

That is all folks , have a great evening everyone.

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