a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, February 19, 2016


Just sitting here with my laptop and watching TV as well.
There this is a lot better to see. At least for me it is. And so perhaps it is better for my readers.

It is morning still so nothing much has happened yet. All I am doing is reading e mail. Actually there is nothing on e mail either.LOL

I am hoping to find the blog I wrote a couple of days ago. I have no idea where I put it, I really need to pay closer attention. 

Today was another quiet day. We went out for a short while to AandW at our little  local mall and had a hamburger and coffee. We don't usually eat there but I did enjoy my hamburger. It was very good. We spent our time there eating and watching the passing parade. Then we went over to the mall and the superstore. I wanted to buy the candy I usually have. I eat one or two in the evening. However the bins were empty so we were out of luck. Too bad, Ray has one or two in the evening also. So we will just have to check the store again in the near future. 

I have noticed that the price of vegetables has risen substantially lately. I like my veggies so I hope the price does not increase too much. And I do love my salads . I have one in the evening as a snack quite often. Lettuce, celery, dressing of oil and vinegar. It is so tasty. Cost has increased 15.5 %, lettuce 18%. The rise is being blamed on the low Loonie.

Back at home we just watched TV and I made our dinner . It was a very simple meal. Ray asked me to make macaroni and tomatoes, something we both like. My mom used to make it for our family a long time ago. It was a cheap, filling, depression meal when mom used to make it but now it is just something we enjoy. Funny isn't it how we remember things like this from a long time past. Meals that we learned to like when we were young we still relish. 

I noticed tonight that my right knee is swollen. I have no idea why. Hopefully the swelling will be gone by morning. I wondered why it was hurting. 

There, that is all for tonight. I wish you all a sew happy evening.

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