a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Off to the hospital this morning for an ultra sound of my kidneys ordered by my personal physician. Why? I have no idea but I guess he though it was time. I will ask him next time I see him. From my perspective the kidneys are working just fine.  That is the health report for today.
Of course we had to wait a while in the waiting room before they called me in. So that took care of the morning.
We had a bit of lunch in the hospital cafeteria. 
I ran into an old friend who was working there for some organization. It might have been the Healthy Heart Helpers. I used to belong to that group but did not stay.  I hate exercise and that was what the organization was about. Exercise is healthy they tell me but I am 84 in a month and still going strong so I guess that does not apply. Ray does not like exercise either and he is healthy and able to carry on. He is amazing. Maybe the walking we do keeps us in shape. My dad used to walk every day and he was a very healthy man. Actually Dad was a great man. I was lucky to have him as my dad. My mom was a great mom too. Marg, our brother Peter and I were very lucky kids to have such good parents.

Adam is coming from Louisiana for a visit  I am not  sure how long he will be here but I hope it is for a while.  He'll be here at 7:00. He has to collect his luggage and  rent a car . I ma so looking forward to seeing him. I tried to get hold of Jim but I guess he is still traveling. 

Matthew was here this morning too or was it yesterday? He comes over to help out so that is great. He is a good son. All my five sons are great.

Have you noticed the explosion of adult colouring books that have landed on the magazine shelves of late.  I loved to colour after school when I made up my teaching charts. Adam just rang up so I am sending this out.

Next day......
Adam arrived at night and is out today . He walks miles each day. I have no idea where he went this morning but suspect that he went to IHOP and met Sam. However who knows but Adam and Sam LOL.

Anyway last evening we had a lovely visit with Adam before bed time.  This morning as usual we got up later than Adam. He is an early bird and we are not. I do not like getting up early. Lazy girl that's me.

I don't know what we are doing today. I hope we go out with Adam at some point. I am going to hope for dinner at the Keg with Sam. We'll see.

This is a big enough blog. So here we go. Talk tomorrow.

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