a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Sometimes life can be awkward. Sometimes I don't know what to do. What am I talking about , actually nothing today but just sometimes we are not all put together. Actually right now things are fine but I feel awkward for some reason. 
Maybe that feeling will go away soon, it makes me nervous and jittery.. It is usually about money that makes me nervous. Why?I have no idea, oh well maybe it will go away if I wait long enough and hide my head in the sand.

Today we pretty well stayed close to home . We  had a doctor appointment to check my blood sugar. He said he will make an appointment with a specialist. 
I hope we can get it down 
I don't like the idea of going on the needle but Ray says it is not bad, how he knows is a surprise to me.LOL.

Today was just another pleasant day with the sun shining and the temperature very pleasant.
I did a bit of knitting and some computering. We watched TV and now in the evening still watching TV. It is Behind Bars Rookie Years.I am not particularly fond of prison shows but Ray likes them. So we often watch them. I think he should watch what he likes since I have other things I can do like the computer, or reading of sewing or knitting. Usually I do two things at once, TV and knitting for example.

That is my day folks, I hope yours went well.



Jean said...

Remember , pass up the donut when you and Ray are out.. Also, does that piece of candy every night, does it turn into another piece , then another piece ? Watch the starches too..

Michelle said...

I really enjoy reading your blog...you talk just like my gramma! Have you found another restaurant since the one you loved closed? Keep writing!

nanboudreau said...

Michelle no we have not found another family restaurant to replace TOPS but we did go to IHOP today. It will have to do.

Michelle said...

We have a few ihop restaurants around here..only 2..have only eaten breakfast there...great pancakes !you said you had chicken salad the other day..my favorite..can't seem to find a good recipe to make my own..what was in there's?..have a great day..keep writing!..Michelle