a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

short time

Not a lot of time to write this blog tonight. I am not really interested in writing anyway. Some nights I am gung ho to write and others  I have to force myself to write. Tonight  I force. 

It was a very quiet day here but we did go to TIM'S for a coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. That was our excitement for the day. When we got home I spent time on my laptop and then got a bit of sewing done. I finally finished the top of my quilt. Now all I have to do is get it quilted.  

A whole day and very little accomplished. Oh well that is life in the slow lane LOL.
I did some more knitting on my cloth, it is almost finished. Then to begin another one to add to my collection. I have some left over bits of yarn from other cloths I have made. It takes about three quarters of a ball of yarn to make one cloth so there is always some left but not enough left for another whole cloth. Then I need to piece.

Marg came over with a book for me and I had one for her so we made the exchange and visited for a while. It was nice to visit with her.  We always exchange books. That is good for both of us. Saves us money$$$$. It's a good thing we like the same books.
Nancy has asked me for this quilt for her new baby Eve. NAncy is Ray's granddaughter and Eve is his great GD.

I am good, got things to do, books to read , yarn to knit, patchwork to quilt  and typing to do. Great eh!

And that is all tonight, have a lovely evening.

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