a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, September 17, 2016


We are alone tonight, Rick has gone to his friend Chris's home for dinner. But he is coming back tonight. His visit will soon come to an end and I will be sad to see him go back to Calgary but that is life. His home is in Calgary so home he must go. We have so enjoyed his visit. 

I miss seeing my sons but when they are far away there is not much I can do about that. I see Matthew regularly as he lives here in the Lower Mainland. He is good to us and helps Ray out at times.

Today we went grocery shopping and then to the bank for pocket money. We haven't gotten any money for a few weeks so our wallets were pretty empty. 

After the bank we came right home and stayed here. We did not rush out and spend our allowance LOL.

Rick was still here when we got home so we continued our visit. I sure like it when my sons come to visit. Adam and Richard live far away so it is great that they come to Vancouver. 

Today we did very little after shopping. We came home and watched TV. I did a bit of work in my sewing area. I cannot call  it a sewing room as I only have a sewing desk in there with my machine  on it. So far it has worked for me, I cut in the kitchen, the counter is just the right height for cutting, and I sew in the bedroom. I get things done when I am in the mood for sewing.  I told Ray today that I have to go to Fabricana for batting for Eve's quilt. I want to get it to here before she ages out of it LOL. She lives in Quebec so it has to be mailed.

That was my day folks. I hope your day was good.  Have a good evening.

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