a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

once more with feeling

Knit and stitch is what I did this afternoon  after heading out with Ray to the Crossings to buy a ball of yarn to finish a cloth I am working on.
In the morning I went to my Tuesday sewing group with Pat. First Pat and I stopped for coffee at Oakridge. Then we went off to the church to our sewing group. It was a great morning with all the ladies and all the sewing. It is always fun to see what others are working on.

Then it was my time with Ray and it is still is. We are enjoying our evening watching TV. As we ate chili at Tim's earlier in the day we did not need supper. I had thought of making chili earlier but no it was not necessary until another day. So tonight we just had toast with devilled egg on it. Very good. I had made the devilled egg yesterday for my sandwich this morning that I took to sewing,

At sewing I worked on another cloth, gotta keep up piling them up. Who knows who will want some LOL.

I had a short talk with Rick today . I like to check in with him or he checks in with me. I worry so much about him but he always sounds cheerful. How he keeps up is amazing to me.

Short blog tonight , hope your evening is most pleasant folks.

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