a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, September 12, 2016

blog tonight

Tonight I blog, even though it is nearly 9 o'clock. 
Jean just to let you know I finished the quilt top today.

It is Monday , we went to Costco for supplies. While there we had one of their great hot dogs and then we even had hot dogs for dinner. Talk about over doing it. We came home with our our purchases and did not go out again. I did some sewing , finished adding borders to my heart quilt so now it is ready to be sandwiched and quilted. Do I do it or do I get Lauren to do it on her long arm. I am vacilating back and forth. I may just do some simple line quilting. But first I need to get the batting and backing. I may use fabric that I have for the backing though I would probably need to piece it as I don't have enough for one big piece of backing.
Once I saw a backing where the quilter just used her full fat quarters , that makes sense to me rather than buying more fabric. I'll see what I can roust up for that project.  

Then I did a bit of knitting tonight and will do more when this blog is finished. I feel good when I get things done and have accomplished a few things. So today has been a good day for me.

Tonight after I finished my top I am writing the blog and resting in my chair. I think I deserve it. Oh well deserve it or not
I am going to rest. LOL

I found a new top in my closet today  . Nice one too. So I wore it today. I have a  habit of buying tops and then losing them in my closet only to find them much later. But that's all right I think I have a new top LOL.

And here comes Ray with some toast for me so I'll say good night all.

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Jean said...

Hip Hip horray !!! Good for you Nan. I suggest sending the top to the Longarm Lady. Usually they have batting right in their shop you can buy and it saves you a trip to the fabric shore , then it will be finished once and for all. Then when you go with Pat to your sewing class you will have some hand sewing putting the binding on and it will go fast when you have friends to talk to....
Proud of you. I am terrible at finishing projects. Shame on me..:)