a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, July 12, 2014

a new basket

Download now as a pdf pattern

New Jersey Basket.    A nice variation on a very busy theme.

A day to spend money for Ray and Nan. We went grocery shopping in the morning. Besides groceries I bought 2 books and a quilting magazine. I don;t look at the magazine right away as I love the suspense I get by making myself wait. Odd isn't it ? Oh well writing a blog is quite revealing anyway. The world can see my rough spots. Do I really care , obviously not or I would not write a blog.  At 82 I have little to hide or care little about other people's opinions of me. However I must say I do care about the opinions of my friends. I want them to like me. Is that weak? If so it matters not. But friends do like you or they would not be friends. Right!

After lunch at Tim's we went to the Starlight casino for a few hours. Not a lot of luck there but we did manage to make out money last for some time and that is always good.
We shared a piece of chocolate cake and a coffee at the casino. It has been forever since I have had a piece of chocolate cake. 
We had a good afternoon. When we got home Ray made his famous sardine sandwich with onion and vinegar. It was delicious.

Now we are watching the Lions play a football game against Saskatchewan. Score B.C. 11 Sask. 12.  Ray is mad at them LOL, the Lions that is.

So another lazy Saturday for us.
Pam's puppies, adorable aren't they. Tiny little chihuahuas with big eyes and poky noses.

She is so cozy looking under the quilt and she kind of matches the quilt don't you think?

This quilt is so pretty with the ribbon border to match all the colours in the body of the quilt. I love bright colours.

Richard's daughter Kate with her grandpa. She said she loves her grandparents and we sure love her. She is a great lady.

That is all for tonight folks.
Have a lovely summer evening.

Good night.


Jean said...

Hey Nan, what happened to the
Kindle ? Cheaper and don't have to go out to buy any books or return them to the library. I guess old habits are hard to break. Love, Jean

Anonymous said...

Funny, you get tired at the mall and your walking has decreased. BUT,you apparently don't get tired at the casino. (several hours? ) LOL
I guess the arms are in good shape, they get plenty of exercise.