a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

applique again

Richard's granddaughter Charlotte learning how to use scissors. The beginning of home schooling.
And here she is playing with the wooly mammoth that Rick brought for her from London England.

Rick has gone over to Victoria to see May and Albert and Rose and Quinn. 

Ray and I went for tests this morning, fasting ones. Ray was okay as he had a standing order for his tests. I thought I had tests on file but no, they were not there so I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to get my requisition.
Then I went into the chiropractor's office, haven't been for months so I made an appointment for tomorrow. It will be a busy day.

So after the visits we went to IHOP and had something to eat. I had a single egg benny and coffee. And of course there were pancakes with butter and syrup. All very, very good.

Then we went to Safeway to pick up some prescriptions and a few bits and pieces. Home after that and a rest. We watched TV for the rest part- an old black and white  Crime of Passion with Claudette Colbert, Raymond Burr and Sterling Hayden. These old movies are really good stories. We like to watch them.

These are pretty blocks. I don't know how to make them, no pattern, and because of all the points would not have any idea of how to use them effectively. But nice to look at.

Footprints of somebody. 
And here we have some lovely quilts.

We are now done for the day.

Have a good evening and enjoy yourselves.

Good evening!    

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