a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, July 7, 2014


Back from the prairies or the city of Calgary.
It was a wonderful visit with Richard. He had two parties while we were there and I met some wonderful people. My Facebook friend Emma was there and it was such a beautiful treat to actually see her.

Emma and Nan having a good time at Richard's.

Sweet Rose  talking to the Grand Eclectus male parrot.

A pair of Grand Eclectus, the female is the red one and the green one is the male. 

I made a new friend too in Cheryl. We went to an Italian restaurant for lunch where they served bread chunks to dip in oil and vinegar.Then we went shopping. It was a fun afternoon. 
I met my friend Mary who was in my quilting group here before she moved to Calgary. We had a small dinner at Milestones and visited for a while. 
Earlier in the week a group of us went to Edmonton to see Jim, my son acting and singing in a musical called the Ultimate Book Show. It was a great performance, Jim had two solos and a dance. He was so good and I enjoyed him a lot. I was proud of his performance and of him. After the show we all went back to our hotel, commandeered a table in the empty dining room and joked and visited. It was a superb evening. 
The next day we drove back to Calgary to continue our visit with Rick. All in all it was a great time.
Peter is coming over after work today to pick up some things of his.
Marg was also over today. We are getting a new roof so that was the topic of conversation.
I had a great week. I am hoping to go back to Calgary in the near future. Ray does not feel much like making that drive again so we will have to fly. Cheryl said she would pick us up. She is a lovely lady.
The drive home was uneventful which is how I like it. We stopped in Salmon Arm for the night as the drive is too long now for Ray so we break it up into two parts. We stopped at a small store for water and a bathroom break and I bought a lovely pink bead bracelet. Fun to wear.
We encountered few wild life but did see a small group of deer at the side of the road. It is always fun to see the animals.

Ben Franklin block to go with the others I have listed on my blog.

Mary's baby boy, Quinn, Richard's grandson and my great grandson. What a sweetie he is. Rick, Ray and I are going for a visit in a couple of weeks.

Rose saw these large tortoises at the Butterfly Garden. 

Beautiful isn't it, I love bead work and lace.

Lovely Bear's Paw quilt . I like the piano key border. I think it may be strip pieced and then cut to size. The inner border is a nice touch too.

Block of the Day   No instructions but I know you can figure it out.

Free Pattern – Jeri Auty - TESSELLATING HEARTS Quilt  

Time to go folks.
                      Have a great evening.
                                                                             Good night.

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Jean said...

Glad you are home, missed your blogs It looks like you had a very happy time with all your visits and visitors. It sounds as though you kept the pace. I enjoyed the pictures too. Love, Jean