a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Short blog

It was not a very interesting day today. 
The weather though was beautiful again. This weather has been going on ever since we came home, probably before that too. 

We did go up to Metrotown and I bought two new shirts. I guess you don't buy old shirts at Sears LOL. Bad joke....

We had a coffee , I had KFC two pieces and Ray had a salad, a small one. I could not eat them both. Something has happened to my appetite since i got home. I wonder if it is the heat. Who knows ? There may be some good comes from it , I might lose a pound or two.  Ray just fed me a few jelly beans, Bad Ray. Or not!

My great grandson Quinn , born in May . I think Mary said he was 8 weeks old. 
What a beautiful boy. Rick and we are going over to Victoria to visit him this month. 

After that Ray and I are off to Quebec.  It will be a busy summer for us.
Our roof is being redone and the hammers are going all day long so it is impossible to have a nap but better than having it rain in the apartment. They should be moving on from our section of the building soon.

Such a tiny little puppy, he is so adorable.

Nice cover you can make for your laptop. As you can see it uses Velcro as the closer. I think it looks good and you can protect your laptop when you travel.

Well short it is and now it the time to go.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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