a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, July 11, 2014


 making your quilting ideas come to life.

I almost forgot to write my blog tonight. Why? Because I was reading a book and trying to finish it so everything else was erased from my mind.  Then it struck , you have forgotten your blog. That is bad!

Little to say but I'll say it anyway LOL.   Ray and I went to Cockney Kings for a lunch of fish and chips.  Ray ordered on piece of fish , I ordered one piece of fish and some fries(chips), both meals came with cole slaw. Ray ate some of my fries and there were still some left at the end of the meal. We are not eating much these days. I have very little appetite these days. Heat? 
It is very hot here as it is over most of the continent, But we are fortunate to have an AC unit. Seems to me this paragraph is familiar so I must have written this information on a previous blog.

I spent the afternoon on my computer. Still here as you can see. 
Between facebook and e mail it takes up a bit of time.
Tonight I am giving myself a manicure. The nails need to be done every week.

I had a chat with Adam in Louisiana and there is another baby in the way. Lisa's son and his wife will be having baby number three.  Good news.
And I chatted with Richard for a short time. I like to keep in touch with him every day to make sure he is okay , not too many changes. We can only hope that the disease , ALS, rests for a long time. I pray that is so.

Embroidered strawberries on my today's shirt. It is very pretty. I call it Strawberry Fields forever.
This is strawberries at the neckline of the shirt. I have not worn it for some time but it was good to put it on today.

Christmas in July, an easy project for the winter season, simple and colourful. 

This made me laugh and it is true.

From Sharon.....
Thanks Sharon.

Double Wedding Ring. How many of you have made this one. Is it difficult. I always have thought so.

My great grandson Quinn and his dad Albert having a snooze. Precious boys.

Ah sweet mystery of life at last I've found you, the sweet smell of success. I am sure he smells the hamburger cooking. LOL.

Time to go folks.
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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