a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, July 18, 2014

sewing news

Ever wonder how speedy friends knock out a quilt top in a day? Learn the secret to fast, fun & versatile projects with this collection of one-block quilt projects: http://bit.ly/1ri12H6

My great grandson Adam and his little friend at Disney World in Florida.

Another photo of Adam. He lives in Louisiana with his mom and sometimes his dad. He sure is growing. Boys do that don't they.

We had to go all the way out to Coquitlam this morning to complain about the new chair we just bought which had fallen apart at the back. They said they would send someone out today. And they did. the man fixed the chair and all is well. We ate lunch at Wendy's. I had the artery blocker Poutine. It was good but I only ate half of it. 

Then I came home to wait for the repair man. Ray had to go to the pharmacy so I was all alone , poor me LOL.

I have been watching the forest fires on TV. 157 fires burning today and the impact is huge, smoke as well as fire makes the day feel like night. We are not affected here in Vancouver , it is mostly further north in the province. We are surrounded by trees but seem to be safe from danger.  Every year it seems forest fires burn up much of the forest in the province.

Isn't this great! Those black cats do look menacing.

Can't deny your genes.

Rick is going home today Ithink. He is in Abbotsford to see Meaghan and Charlotte. He took Mary out there for Rose to visit with Charlotte and then he took them fishing. Meaghan and Mary took charge of that event as Rick could not navigate the fine beach sand in his wheelchair. I hope they all had fun though.

Create a permanent ice cream cone.

I see the weather has cooled down a bit,that makes things more comfortable. Tomorrow should be a good day.
This little Snail's Trail quilt is very attractive. A lap quilt I think.

A cameo brooch, pretty standard image on this one.

But this one is different as it tells a story and is very complicated.
I once had a lovely pink cameo that I bought in Florence Italy. then I washed it in the washing machine as it was on my top blouse and it cracked. A real tragedy. I still love cameos, they are beautiful.

That is it for tonight folks.
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.

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