a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, November 19, 2016


No time to write today so just a short note to say I have not forgotten you all.
We had an easy day, We went to the Crossings , to London Drugs and to Tim's for coffee and a sprinkled doughnut.
Ray just told me we did not go to London Drugs today , we went to Save on Foods for our grocery shopping. We didn't spend very much money , about $65. Ray did the shopping, I picked through the magazines. So I don't know what he bought . I did not buy a magazine today maybe next week meaning the one coming up. 

We did go to the casino for a short time. Ray lost his money fast but mine lasted . I came home with $$$. Lucky me. 

So we watched TV for the rest of the afternoon. Tonight we are watching the hockey game between Vancouver Canucks and Chicago Blackhawks.  I don't really watch just listen and check the score periodically. That is the extent of my interest.

Soon I plan to do a bit of reading. I don't read much anymore since the TV is always on and I stay in the living room to keep Ray company. By the time I hit the bedroom I am sleepy and fall asleep fast so no reading going on. I am going to have to read while the TV is on if I can train myself to do that. My books are piling up. I have three books Marg has not read so I should give them to her with the proviso that they come back to me when she is finished with them.

And the end is nigh!!!! Have a lovely evening folks.

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