a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, November 11, 2016


I am being outblogged these days. That means I forget to write, primarily because I have stayed home for several days and nothing interesting has happened. We did that again today. So lazy these past few days. 
I remember my dear dad on Remembrance Day. He was a WW1 Vet and always honoured Nov. 11th.  He would go to the Cenotaph down town every year to participate in the ceremonies. So I think of him at this time of year, and every day. He was a lovely father and I loved him a lot. My mom was a grand lady too and a great mother. I loved her a lot too. I was fortunate to have such wonderful parents.

My son Adam also served in the navy RCN.  And my son Matthew served as well. We are a family who care.

So today we did little other that stay home , relax and watch TV. It is a dreary November day and a good one to stay home. 
So tonight - more relaxing.  :>)

And that is it folks. I hope your day went well and you enjoyed it.

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