a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Winter has arrived , it is chilly and wet. 
but I don't mind . 
I like the rain. Good thing since I live in a rain forest 
lol.  To me it isn't depresssing as it is to some folks.  I find it refreshing. Lots of rain here in the winter and occasionally if it gets cold enough it turns to snow, not very often though.

We did not do much today other than go to the doctor . 
Ray did not think my infection was gone and he was right, it was not gone.  So still on antibiotics for another session. 
Then I  may be good once again. 

After seeing the doctor we went out for a bite of lunch at A&W. Both of us  had a hamburger and a coke. It was good.

We went to Safeway to pick up my new pills. and then we came home for the rest of the day. We watched TV. I used my computer and wrote a bit.

My memory is getting bad , I think I had a nap but not sure. Ray is my source of information as he remembers better than I do. He says I did have a nap. Oh well I still remember how to blog haha. It is details that escape me. 

I talked to Rick for a short time. He is busy with his many friends. He loves to entertain. Fortunately his friends help him. I am proud that he is such a social animal and has people around him often. I think it is good for his state of mind. He seems happy whenever I call him.
 That is all folks, have a great evening.

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