a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mary again!

Hi there :) So a little more info about what happened with Grandma. She's in Burnaby Hospital on the 4th floor. Those of you who wish to visit, please do so! She's under Boudreau :) 

Apparently she was taking a picture from a few stairs up on her staircase. She was trying to get a good angle on her Hallowe'en quilt hanging when she fell and landed directly on her hip. I'm going to assume it was for the purpose of the blog, so in that spirit, here is a Hallowe'en themed post.

Last night we attended a local (to us on Vancouver Island) event called the Enchanted Hallowe'en. It was opening night :) Here are some pictures of our evening!
Rose dressed up as a kitty Tiger.
I gave her our first ever "manicure". I don't do a lot of makeup stuff for myself since the kids were born and I hadn't painted my nails in years. So why not? :D It was a bit of fun for me for the evening.
Albert was an awesome Papa and had Quinn in a carrier for the night. Quinn was Batman (as you can see). 
Though he slept for most of the night, he was pretty alert near the end.

Finally, to round things out, I found this great quilt hanging. I think it is probably more in my style than in Grandma's.

And these adorable little owl sculptures :) Unfortunately they are no longer for sale, otherwise I would have tried to buy them!

Hope you are all well!

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Jean said...

Three cheers for Mary. You did a great job. It will give us our daily fix. I actually got the blog the same day it was written. Nan does hers in the evening and since we are 3 hrs ahead it is too late and we read it the next day.(not complaining Nan). The kids look cute. How did you manage it all? Manicure and all. Love the wall hanging and sculptures. Thanks so much . Jean