a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, October 5, 2014

December comes early

December block  because it takes time to make a block.

Check out Amy Smart's free pumpkin table runner pattern here:http://www.diaryofaquilter.com/2013...

Ah good evening folks , I hope you all had a great day.
We did not go out at all today busy with cleaning the apartment and doing the laundry. Ray is very tired  , I wonder if he slept well. Hope it will be better for him tonight. 

I did not sew just played with my computer -keeping up on things.
I did however paint my nails green today, not sure if I like it but I'll keep it on for a few days while I get used to it. Oh yes Looking good is a lot of work LOL.
Pretty old looking fingers eh!

I am concerned about the ebola virus in Texas.
 I have family in Louisiana. I sure hope the authorities can contain this virus.  I just called Adam but did not get an answer.   But he just called me back. He and Lisa were at a musical show of Gershwin tunes. Nice!!

I need to begin knitting socks as I have orders for 2 pair. I'll begin tonight.

I like this photo and what it has to say about dogs. I love dogs and would like to own one but we don't want to have it in this apartment. Our daughter Lynn just got a new puppy. She always has a small dog and hers past dog died in the spring. She had to wait for this baby to be born and ready to leave its mother.

Download now as a pdf pattern

My Richard with Emma. Rick has certainly changed since the last time I saw him. Emma looks  the same LOL.

Now I want to show some gorgeous Fall photos.

Autumn is here and there too.

So beautiful aren't they. I love the full orange.

So that is all folks. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Have a good evening.

Good night.

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A Nudge said...

Such a cute block! Thanks for the photos - they were gorgeous.