a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Work... I worked today. Cutting and measuring. I have a pile of hearts that I have been working on, appliqueing, but they were not all the same size so I cut them all to the exact size. And then I pressed all the blocks I made for the guild. I am happy with all that work. Here is a picture of my blocks.

No need to tell you what this is.

And here is the pile of 28 blocks.

And these are the blocks for the guild, pinwheel is the name of this block.  Pretty block isn't it.  I sure enjoyed working on these blocks today.  My next job is to sew all the hearts into a quilt top and then to make more blocks if needed.

We did go out today to Metrotown, had a bit of lunch there and went to Sears but we bought nothing. We did get some exercise walking around the mall. It is very big and we often go there to exercise as do many other folk.

It has been a good day's work for me, and it has been a pleasure.

Victorianaquiltdesigns.com is the place to find these hexagons.  Cute little pumpkins in the centre.  I like these hexies. They show much imagination.

Ooh Rah block.   Nice block but I have no pattern for it. Good to look at though.

Gotta go folks. Have a good evening.

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