a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, October 10, 2014


Malala!!!  2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner  gives us thought  to wonder what one determined young woman can do. She is amazing and has done amazing things. If she moves even one other person to repeat her acts of courage and bring continued peace to the world and to young women of the world she will be remembered forever.

It has been a good day for us. We had to go to see the cardiologist who confirmed my visit to the hospital next week for tests. Nothing wrong just checking. I do not like these tests because they cause me pain. I am a cringing patient who does not like pain. Well who likes it anyway so I am not that unusual.

Here is something really cute you can make for Hallowe'en. If not for this year then next.

Oops I left the blog and forgot about it.   Jim arrived from Edmonton  and we have been visiting with him. It is so good to have him here. So that is why I forgot my blog.  We have had a wonderful time with him. I count myself fortunate to have wonderful children and grandchildren.

After the cardiologist we went to Metrotown for coffee and we shared a burrito . 
Then we  had to go to our family doctor  to get a referral for the eye specialist. 

Isn't this fabulous, The reflection of the eagle mesmerizes the bird as he looks at himself .

Neat birds that look easy to make.  Birds of many colours could be arranged on a quilt face.

I love this beauty. These flowers remind me of delphiniums. 

That is all for tonight folks.

Have a good evening.
Good Night.

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Jean said...

From a previous blog : I love, love Cornish Pasties. Hard to find international store here in De. to buy the true Pasties (meat Pies)
Use to have a Scottish store in De but closed. Will have to check around. You made me hungry for them. Jean