a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

later than late

Gentleman's Fancy is a great pieced block. I like pieced blocks.

Farmer's Wife quilt-just gorgeous. Have a look.

House # 15 ready for your inspection. Take a look.

I think I missed a blog last night.

Today was my Tuesday sewing group and it was great, the room was full, we sewed and ate our lunches. A wonderful get together .
I am having trouble remembering the blog when I leave it to look for something and then move on instead of going back to it. That is bad . I'll try to do better. I was going to say be better but that is a judgement of myself and not my actions. I don't make those judgements of myself.

I have been working on Tuesdays on hexagons but I have had an epiphany and will make some smaller ones in order to make doll quilts.
But first I need to find the papers. I think they have some at The Cloth Shop on Granville Island. Hopefully I can get Ray to take me down there.  It would be fun just to go there in any case.  I am going to try tomorrow to go to the Quilt shop in Surrey as we have to go over there anyway. Ray's cousin seems to be missing. His doctor called here today saying they could not get hold of him and Ray called too and he could not reach him either.

i went to my dizzy clinic this afternoon. The technician was really pleased and said I do not have to go back. Good,  one less place I need to go. Ray and I are both getting tired of going to doctor 
appointment. There are still a few that we need to finish off but hopefully that will be the end of it for a while.

Double images, so gorgeous. 
Our trees are still green for the most part as it has been very warm and the leaves need a taste of frost before they can turn colour. So we will have a very late Fall this year.

I love this quilt and would call it Starry Night but it already has a name as you can see..  So simple , just squares and a few triangles. So many lovey colours of squares.

A great way to emphasize these circles.Like it. Of course most things I download are items I like LOL.

My Richard is up for Hallowe'en and Emma is having fun with it.

My day is over and I am done with this.

Have a wonderful evening.

                           Good night!

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