a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, October 3, 2014

unusual basket

Download now as a pdf pattern
Navajo Basket

http://sisterofthedivide.blogspot.com/p/tutorials.html      Good tutorials here, I like the one of the book cover.

Sorry for the colour substitute . I prefer black as it is easier to read and I need all the help I can get. 

My sewing for today was to check out my fabrics to find something that will work as sashing for my hearts . I did find some that I think will work.

Matthew phoned today to say Ryan, my grandson had been ill this past week but was on the mend now. I am happy about that. He has a health problem that sometimes explodes on him. It is called Primary Hyper Oxiluria and he was born with it. But he has managed to keep it mostly at bay by proper diet and good habits. He is a great young man and is going to UBC to become a pharmacist.
I cannot find his picture so I'll ask Matthew to resend it.

As you know I am making hearts or have made hearts . This quilt is one I made several years ago for one of the great grandchildren in Quebec. the hearts that I have done right now are all on white backgrounds but I think this is better.

When we lived in Nova Scotia me and my 5 babies. From left to right, Jim, Peter,Richard, Adam and Matthew whom I am holding. A trip down memory lane.

And that is all for tonight folks.
Have a great evening.
I hung this up today for the season.

Good night

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