a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I just ate a chocolate bar Krispy Krunch my favourite. I rarely eat chocolate bars for obvious reasons but this one was just sitting there so I ate it.

Jim and I went out again today , we bought a few things for Thanksgiving dinner. We had ham not turkey. Ray made scalloped potatoes, my favourite. We had mixed carrots and turnips and Jim bought some wild rice so we had that too. It was a great dinner. We bought pumpkin pie for dinner but were too full to eat it. 
I hope Canadians all had a good day today. If not then tomorrow when it is really Thanksgiving.  Jim is leaving tomorrow morning and will drop in on Richard in Calgary for a visit.  Tonight Jim and Peter are going to Kareoke. They are both good singers and love to perform. They will have a good time.

Jim helped me with my printer today and it is working. Thank you Jim. I hate to see him go home as his visit was way too short but that is the way of the world. He has a show he is putting on and directing so he has to be home by Tuesday. Jim is a busy man and always has been.

This blog is about twins.

That it does.

Two of a kind.

Lovely Goffin cockatoos.

Gorgeous flamingoes standing on one foot.

Two puppies that even lid the same way LOL>

Who Dat?  Love these faces.

Weimareiners. I was walking across the parking lot today and what should come along but one of these dogs with his owner. He stopped for a pat on the head , a very friendly dog. And a nice time for me.

It is so cute the way little elephants scamper along, I love them.

It looks as if time is running out folks.
Have a wonderful evening and a happy Thanksgiving to all.

Good night.

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