a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Too bad you can't find Cornish Pasties Jean, They are very tasty. I wonder if they would travel at all. 

It has been a wonderful day with Jim. Ray was sick today and had to stay home so Jim and I went out to do the grocery shopping. Then we went to Mr. Ho's and had lunch. Of course we could not heat all of it so we brought some home for Ray but he didn't want to eat anything. It went in the garbage. Too bad. 
After we brought the groceries home and put them away Jim went to his favourite store where he buys things he calls chips. I have no idea what they are but he plays with them in his basement workshop. He is an electrical worker on a personal level and is a genius with things electrical. He is a great worker on other things too. I always ask him for help. Today he has been working on my computer system to get things working better.  I am always happy when Jim comes . He is a great friend and enjoys going around the same as I do. Guess he got that from me. My dad was the same way.

I was going to cook dinner but neither of them were hungry so we just noshed a bit.
]Tomorrow I want to cook up the ham and make some of my family favourite macaroni and cheese. We bought some baby 
bak choy , Jim and I both like it so maybe I'll cook that.

Bear this in mind tomorrow.

Blue is such a gorgeous colour and this one is well designed with the blue and the browns and a nice dark blue binding.

Man's best friend, just look in those eyes. I wish I had a dog.

Brian on Rick's lap and his new bride beside them. It looks like they are all having fun. Happy Thanksgiving folks.

Isn't this great?  What a fun design on these pumpkins.  And all the houses are different.

And that is all folks.
       Have a great evening.      
                      Good night.


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