a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Busy Saturday

Ah sitting down at last, resting my hip which is still quite sore. 

We shopped this morning at Save on . Our grocery bill was $54.20. What are we doing wrong . Ray hardly eats anything these days so I often eat a small meal by myself. Tonight I had Kraft dinner and six shrimp. I am amazed at how much food is in the KD box. I ate just a quarter of what I cooked.  We need to up our game LOL. Nonetheless neither of us lose any weight. Not enough exercise I guess. We walk every day but not very fast. I can hardly move with this hip. 

After shopping for groceries we decided to go to the casino in Coquitlam where I have been winning. I guess my lucky streak is over for now so I'll stay away for a while. Ray was lucky today and won some. I get bored after a while so I won't want to go there for some time.
Anyway we will be going to Calgary soon. Rick says not to buy anything here. I was not planning on that as Alberta has no sales tax and it is better to do my Xmas shopping there. The little ones will be there. That is Meg's and Mary's children, Charlotte, Rose and Quinn. Then I can talk to the parents to ask what to buy them . I am really looking forward to our visit in Calgary.
Lisa and Adam celebrating an event about Charles Dickens at  Galveston. He however  is dressed as her personal piper and pipe he does. Lisa has a beautiful dress.The picture is very blurry but I cannot seem to change that.

The weather has changed from cold and snow to warm and rain. I prefer the rain. But then I have lived here in rainy B.C. since I was 6 years old so I am used to rain. I remember special days going downtown with my mom when it was raining. My fervent hope was that she would buy me a special cut out book. Sometimes she did, sometimes she didn't. She was not always flush with cash in those days. But I loved to go to town with just mom and me. Special memories.

Here is Santa Claus quilting his Christmas quilt. Isn't he clever!   What would you call  that particular block?

This is a very interesting design.  The colour combination is different on this quilt from any other combination of colours I have seen in this quilt. The gradations of the browns are very attractive even though I am not fond of brown.

I am sharing despite the fact that I cannot see the deer. If you find it tell me where it is.

That's it for tonight.

Have a wonderful evening.

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