a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Quilts and more




All these lovely stars make up a beautiful quilt for the holiday season.  Check out the site above for instructions on how to make it.  It will brighten up your Christmas sofa :>)

 These I love as I love hexagons and they make a lovely key ring.

We went looking for boots again today . They were very expensive so we took Rick's advice and decided not to buy any. Jean said the same thing so no boots. We don't go walking in the snow anyway.

We did not stay too long in the stores but did stay for a bite of lunch. We had curry and rice . We took a while to choose but that was it , curry! Periodically we have that instead of a burger.
There are many lunch choices at the Food Court.

We did go to Sears and Ray found a lovely sweater and he bought it for himself. He rarely buys anything for himself but this was too good to pass up.It looks so cozy on him.
We had to go to the doctor this morning, nothing special just a check up for Ray. He is fine and so am I.  We are doing pretty well for oldies. LOL.

We need to pack tomorrow to be ready for our trip to Calgary on Thursday. That means washing the laundry and making sure that whatever we need is ready to go. We are tight packers and don't take a lot of clothes. We wash up what we need to have while we are at Rick's place.  If we miss out on something we can always pick it up at the big mall across from Rick's.

Adorable mug rug appropriate for quilters. I love it. 

  This is a great teapot. When the water gets hot the carousel begins to turn and the horses move. What a great idea.

Isn't this a beautiful chair? I love the workmanship on this chair.

My sister Marg had to have her cat Chrissie put down today as her kidneys failed. Sad day for my sister. I am sorry Marg.

And that is all folks. 
Have a great evening.

Good night.

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Jean said...

I want that carousel tea kettle !!!
Ray had so much pain last week. Did the Dr. do anything to help him when he was there Tuesday ?
Sorry to hear about Marg cat. Have a nice trip and stay off the sleds.
:) Love, Jean