a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, December 7, 2014

nice block

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Tea for four.  Can you see the tees? it took me a minute to see them. This is a nice block.

A lazy day just staying in and reading ,watching TV and doing a bit of picking up in my room. Not a lot but it is a start.  Tomorrow I'll do a bit more.
I took the time to give myself a manicure as my nail polish was chipped and it was time. Now my nails look good. I like that. It was a day to fix me up, washed my hair and showered . It is not easy for me to shower with this hip but I do have a chair in the tub and that helps a lot. 
Other than personal care I just took it easy. I found a top in my closet that I had never worn. Brand new!!  It is black with neckline decoration. Very nice and as it was unworn I felt like I was wearing a whole new outfit. Great fun.
I have to go through my books. There are so many in my room and they need to be culled and taken to the library.  I'll keep the ones I have not read and take the read ones there.

This wonderful heritage of Clydesdales for Anhauser Busch  is about to be discontinued. Such a great loss. Ray and I had the opportunity to see these magnificent teams when we were in Florida at Seaworld in Orlando. They were amazing and so lovely to be close to. Ray loves these horses so he was very happy to be there with the teams. The horses were very gentle with so many people around them. Seaworld had many different creatures ,all wonderful and beautiful.. I am so happy we had that opportunity to experience those fabulous animals.

Great grandson and his new step sister celebrating early. Looks like a fun time.  Oh to be young.


Time for dogs.
Sweetie Pie.

Pit Bull Momma, looks gentle enough.

What a lovely face. I like this one. Oh what the heck I like them all.

On this note I'll say good night.

See you all tomorrow.

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