a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

tough stuff

Ray began the day in a lot of pain from the arthritis. I feel so sad when I see him suffer and now my dear Richard is also in lots of pain from ALS. We are leaving in the morning to see Richard in Calgary. I hope the two of them will be in a bit less pain. Ray seemed to suffer less as the day wore on. 

We went out in the afternoon and ended up having dinner at Cockney Kings. Fish and chips for both of us. Although Ray cannot eat potatoes so no chips for him just fish.  We did enjoy our dinner though.

I had to go to the Ostomy clinic this afternoon as my stoma was sore. So the attendant took care of it and I should be fine for the rest of the holiday.  I don't go again until January. Good thing since I wont be here LOL.

What does the title of this blog mean. I have no idea really just thought it looked good.

Too many tough things in this life right now. Winter is not a very good time.  I hope there is no snow in Calgary. I must check with Rick or Mary my friend there. Well I just wrote her a note.

We packed our suitcase this afternoon so it will be ready in the morning when the taxi comes.  If we have missed anything there are always stores to visit LOL. And I intend to visit them. I am hoping Cheryl will come with me.

Marg is coming over in the morning before we leave.  I am looking forward to seeing her. She will be bringing books I think. Good -I will have something to read in Calgary.
When we go to Calgary I wont be taking my laptop, the less we have to carry the better. So there will not be any blogs over the holiday . But they will start again in January. 

I wish all my beloved friends a wonderful Christmas season.

Merry,merry Christmas to all.


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Jean said...

Bits and Pieces was a saying your mother or grandmother use say as you once said.
Hope your vacation was great.