a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, December 4, 2014

missed blog

It appears that I missed the blog last night. It was Ray's 77th birthday and Sam had invited us to the Keg to celebrate. We had a great meal and a wonderful visit with Sam. When we came home we relaxed in our chairs. It was a wonderful evening with Sam. 

That's my excuse, I just forgot the blog.

Today was another very cold day for us. We are talking about buying boots for our trip to Calgary. I hate to buy them for a short visit of 2 weeks and then never need to use them here. I must check with Rick as to the necessity of purchasing boots. Sometimes Calgary has a Chinook in the winter and the temperature changes and it gets very warm for the season. Exactly when this happens though I have no idea.
I have a winter coat that  usually spends the winter in the closet so I am all set for the cold with mitts and scarf but no toque. Ray just has a warm jacket. But mostly we will be in a warm car and a warm house.  

We had our lunch  at Brentwood mall. I bought a new top for the season and also went to the book store and picked up 2 new pocket books. It was a fun time for me.

We came home and I had to take a nap. I tire out easily these days.

Ray made dinner , it was a frozen lasagna, it tasted fine.  He is good to me and lets me rest when I need it.  He has his little naps in his chair. I can't sleep in my chair even though it is the same as his.  I need to lay down in my bed in order to rest. Old people need their afternoon naps LOL.
Time for quilts.

This is fascinating example of quilting.

Funny isn't it , but oh so true.

Richard's tree. He is decorating early.

I am done for the night.
Have a great evening folks.
                Good night.

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