a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, December 12, 2014

to err is human

Big mistakes today  on my mail. I managed to put up two items that had no business being there. It boggles my mind how things can get screwed up on this blog. 

 A look at things to come, a  very starry year.  I hope it is all starry for everyone.

As for us we had a good day. A visit with Bob and Buzz was lovely. I took the books to Buzz ,two bags of them. I think that made her happy. She will have lots to read this winter.

Ray has not been well today , he was suffering from that darned Rheumatoid Arthritis and is in a lot of pain. We go to the doctor Tuesday , hopefully she will have something to help him. Maybe a change of weather in Calgary will give him some relief. I sure hope so. It is so hard to see him suffer. He can't take much because he is afraid  of causing more damage to his kidneys.

I want to get into my room this week and clean up all the fabrics in there as well as the books. Well most of the books have left home LOL.

Isn't this  a cute little quilt for a little boy.Nice background of rectangles and the planes are great.

An old familiar tune, the Churn Dash. This makes for an interesting quilt. The block is fairly simple

.Churn Dash Quilt Pattern Free
Free Download: Take Screenshots.‎ Free Download!

I like these blocks, stripping in all different colours. I wish I had a pattern. I think I could make a square of strips and then cut it diagonally to get those triangles. 

What an adorable dress, I am guessing that it is for a doll as it just fits on that adult hand. The embroidery is lovely but it is a lot of work.   I have always admired smocking,tried it decades ago but was very unsuccessful. There is a lot of work in this dress.

To forgive divine.....

That is all for tonight folks. 
               Have a lovely evening.
                             Good night.

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