a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Monday, December 15, 2014


I  am  so excited about going to Calgary. Seeing Rick will be great and I get to visit with Emma and Cheryl. They are Rick's friends but became mine to over the course of time. Lucky me!

I still have not found any boots but Rick says I don't really need them so we decided that we would not buy any here and wait to see if I actually needed them when we got to Calgary. No need to waste money if it is not necessary. I could buy some gifts for the little one for Christmas. 

There are some wonderful Christmas  shows on now. Last night we watched Michael Buble and it was great. Tonight we are watching Reba . And it is another great show. I am fully enjoying this. Great music , wonderful singing and the shows are lovely to see. 

I had a talk with Sam this morning, he is off to Toronto to spend Christmas with his mom. I am very happy he has this opportunity.
Christmas is all coming together , it will be a happy time for us all.

We went to the Bay today to look for those elusive boots and were stunned at the cost. That is when we decided to hold off on buying any. So we went to a restaurant , the Stone Grill and had a light lunch. I had mushroom soup and Ray had a salad. My soup was very good with real mushrooms in it not jut bits. It was the first time we had been to that restaurant . I think we might go back again, not might but will go back again.

We had to go to FORD as Ray had a little something he wanted fixed. The young man sat down and fixed it in a moment. It is what you know!! Not who you know.LOL

This is a different . It features circles and four patches. The circles are fussy cut  to make the quilt more expressive.

Does your dog like to sleep on your quilts? This lovely boy also loves his owner's quilts. 

Have a lovely evening folks.

  Good night.


Sallie Jean said...

So glad that you are getting out and about. Your lunch sounded yummy. (((hugs)))

Jean said...

Nan , your beating a dead horse..
NO BOOTS !!!! When you come home you won't need them anyway. If you guys go out , you will probably go to places that already have their sidewalks shoveled. Save your shekels. Jean