a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, December 12, 2014

Tuesday time

It was Tuesday that I spent as a sewing day but now I don't go to any of my things. Guild is tomorrow night but I don't feel up to going to an event at night. Hopefully the new year will see me feeling more able. The day time is fine for the most part though I do need a nap most days. 

We did not go our today again. The weather was wicked with lots of heavy rain and even some wind. My tree was waving a lot this morning.  Tomorrow we have to go to the eye doctor, both of us. I think I may need new glasses. Hope not though. They are very expensive.

I gathered up some of the books I have read and put them all in a bag for Buzz. We are meeting on Friday and I'll take them to her then.  There is a good selection in that bag.

All I did today do things on my laptop. I really need to go to work on my PC and clean it all out. I'll do it before we go away next week.

Tomorrow is guild night but I won't be going this month. By next month I should be good to go out at night. I am looking forward to that. and also to go to my Tuesday sewing group. it will be wonderful to get back to normal.

Two cats relaxing. They do look comfortable in that sink. Mom and Daughter do you think.
Adam in Houston Texas at a piper's convention. Nice photo.

Nice little pinwheel quilt with prairie points as an additional focal point.
Here they come, dogs bearing gifts. Cute!!!!!

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