a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


My mind is slipping. I called Bob and Buzz to see if we were meeting on Friday. He(Bob) laughed and said we already agreed to meet and you said okay. Yes I am slipping. LOL. I plead my age as an excuse.  Good though as I have a lot of books for Buzz to read.
I am trying to clean out all the books I have , at least the ones that I have read. I need room to move around LOL.  And get more books. .

We went to get our eyes checked  today only to discover it is tomorrow that we have our appointment. 
I was a bit unhealthy today anyway. Feeling better tonight so I am on the mend.  I had a great long afternoon nap that helped me feel better.

We have had buckets of rain the past couple of days which caused flooding in some places.Temperatures are too high for winter and that does not help matters any. The snow pack is melting too.

Remember I said I needed boots? What do you think of these babies?  They were found in northern Quebec and are very classy. French ladies have such style.

Do you like blue? Sleeping under this quilt will keep you warm and calm. 

I need to work on my butterfly quilt as my silk thread applique is coming undone on some of the butterflies.  It seems that it is not up to much wear and tear.   I  enjoyed making those butterflies. Now I have another set of different butterflies that need to be set into a top. I do like to applique, it is relaxing. However I only do that on Tuesdays at the Kerrisdale quilters group. 

I am drinking a cup of coffee that I made on my Tassimo machine.I rarely use that machine but it comes in handy at times like evenings. The only thing is it is not very hot. 

Our daughter in Quebec sent us this photo . I think it is her new puppy. Dear old Pepper is getting pretty old. Sweet isn't he?

That is it folks. Have a wonderful evening.

Good night.               

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