a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Download now as a pdf pattern

Arrow is the name of this block.

These pups are adorable and so is the kitty.

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September 29, 2014
Wacky Geese
Here is today's free Block of the Day pattern

Download now as a pdf pattern
Wacky Geese. Oh I do like this one.  And here are the instructions.

Oh well this si how it goes some nights. I was sick for most of the day, more dizziness. I wonder why. I went to the doctor and she sent me to a therapist. It was okay for about ten days and now it is back. I go back again next week. 

I stayed in bed until afternoon and then got up. I was able to make dinner, yeah for me LOL.   
We had pork chops in mushroom soup, a favourite of ours, a potato and creamed corn. I love all that with pork.  I really like dinner and so did Ray as he ate all his :>)
Now we are watching The Big Bang Theory.  Some good laughs there.
I had to call Pat and back off from going to my sewing group this morning and I don't like doing that since I love my Tuesdays with the sewing ladies but what can one do. 
Ray went out and got his car washed, he also went and did a bit of shopping, bought some bread at the bakery in Metrotown. I love that bread so will really enjoy it.
I did nothing but email and Facebook while I was up. I sure hate being sick it is such a waste of time.

I had a lovely letter from a friend . It was so nice. We don't really write letters much any more so it was good to get one.  Thanks friend!

this one makes me laugh , that is its purpose of course. I recall Keepsake Quilting having a chair for husbands on it veranda so this one is quite funny to me.

What a beautiful Victorian style purse for a very dressy evening out on the town.
Trees for Christmas, the repetition of the tree shape is what makes this quilt. And the stars !!

Finally I had to share this one with the ladies who read me.

And on that note I will close.

Have a great evening. I will.
Good night.

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