a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Back from Calgary after a short flight which was fine. Our visit with Richard and his friends as well as our grandchildren and great grandchildren was fabulous..  It was so good to be with everyone. The little ones were fun as usual. Rose and Charlotte danced all around the room and kept us entertained. Santa had brought them grass skirts and little bras  so they were the costume of the season. It was so cute. Little Quinn was a happy baby and smiled and gurgled for mosr of the days. I was very happy to see my family and spend the Christmas season with them. Life is good . Family is wonderful.
Baby Quinn, he is such a beauty and a happy boy.

Rick seemed to be okay and happy. But then he is a happy person despite his ALS. He is wonderfully positive and suspends the dreadful diagnosis most of the time. I think he is amazing. 
Charlotte early morning.

Card sharks Charlotte and Auntie Kate.

Ray was in lots of pain with the darned Rheumatoid Arthritis. His mom had the same disease. It is a tough one.  He is still in pain and getting depressed as it is constant. He goes to see a specialist this month but most of the strong drugs he can't take because of his kidneys which have been compromised due to previous illnesses.
We went out this morning as there was no food in the house. We had our breakfast at White Spot one of my favourite places to eat. I had eggs benedict. Usually I ask for one egg benedict but   I was not paying attention and got two eggs so I was well fed. I don't eat everything on the plate, the potatoes did not get eaten.

We did not eat for the rest of the day until supper time when we each had a sandwich. Ray had a tomato sandwich and I had a salmon one. So now we are both relaxing and watching the news. Both of us are news junkies. For example in both Edmonton and Calgary there have been mass shooting this past week. Is it the holiday season that brings this on I wonder.  It is such a tragedy.

I have a cold. I rarely ever get a cold but expect that I may have contracted it on the plane. Sometimes that happens. So runny nose and eyes along with a headache. Not a very nice way to spend New Year's day.  Better tomorrow I hope.
Now I need to download the pictures off my camera so that I can share them with you..

My sister Marg with her new cat Russell.

I am looking for a picture of Rose but so far cannot find it so I am going to leave off and close for tonight. Tomorrow Rose. 
Have a lovely evening.

Good night.


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