a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Friday, January 14, 2011

curved piecing

Another video . Curved piecing using the Curve Master foot. Looks so easy when an expert does it. I have that foot and used it once, it worked really well. I can't quite locate the photo on this computer so it will have to wait until I can climb the stairs to the PC.  My new computer should be a mess after nearly 2 weeks  of e  mail just sitting there. I am desperate to go up there and do some computer cleaning.
My sum total of work this month is two knitted dish cloths.

 Oh I want to get something done, maybe tomorrow .
We did not go out the door today, Ray had a migraine and I continue to suffer with this back.  So of course there is nothing to say and I'll say it anyway LOL.
I talked to my youngest son today and he told me after I cut my head he also banged his head on the car door in sympathy and got a bad cut. Now that's a good son !! :))
Here is a sweet picture of Charlotte in her dad's arms . Look at the size of his hands and the size of her. I think I'll write to Meg and ask her when she thinks ti will be safe to visit again. I don't want to stress out the baby or her mom and dad.

She just fits almost into the palm of his hand doesn't she. I am happy that Meg and Lewis send lots of photos of Charlotte.
Our granddaughter in Quebec is also expecting a baby any day now. Today is her due date. The baby is a girl too and her name is Emilie .
Our other  granddaughter  in Quebec suffered a miscarriage this week and is devastated. We are all very sad about that.
Jigzone.com will get you the daily jigsaw puzzle. You can sign up for daily delivery and choose the number and style of pieces you like. Today's puzzle is Orange Tree. These  are fun to do and somedays a challenge if you want a challenge, harder or easier, it's your choice. Personally I like easy. I have a lazy mind. 
For someone who had nothing to say I managed to say something haha.
Have a great evening everyone.
Bon Soir.


Amy said...

Charlotte is so tiny. What a sweet baby! So sorry to hear about your granddaughter's miscarriage.

Diana Davis said...

Love the picture of Sweet Charlotte in her daddy's hands!! :^)

Also that curve master is awesome! I might have to find one of those! I never ever do any curves because I just know I'd mess them up, and wouldn't pin them correctly. But it looks like with that I wouldn't have to worry about it! What does it do, hold onto the top piece of fabric too? Well you've gotten my curiosity up now!