a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One good eye

I do have one good eye, the other is a thing of beauty, a gorgeous red.  If you cannot stand blood and gore skip by this photo. For those who can tolerate it take a look at my bad eye. It does not hurt beleive it or not. The hurt is in my back where it was twisted and is now stiff and sore. My great good luck though is no broken bones. I went to the doctor today and she will send me for a catscan of my head. We'll see if it is actually as empty as my husband thinks. Haha ,not really. It will take a few days before I can get the appointment.  Photo below!

After the doctor we went up to the mall, I needed to get a little bit of exercise and get out and see what the world is all about LOL. If I don't know that by now I guess I'll never get it. We had some Chinese food  before we went for our walk and shop. Not that we bought anything. We saw some beautiful yellow towels but didn't feel like buying them. Weird isn't it?
I finished one little knitted dish cloth last night and am starting another one tonight but no sewing. I don't feel like all the work attached to sewing so hopefully by Sunday I'll want to do it  again as I like to sew on Sunday. Then maybe there will be something pretty to show you all, not just my personal damages LOL.
Kathy wrote to say she would sign me up for the embroidery club for this season. I am happy about that as I like going with her. It starts January 18th .
My granddaughter Meg has gone into the hospital to have her baby induced because she has high blood pressure and it is putting the baby under stress.  The baby is losing girth and is using up the nutrition to keep its organ healthy. So it needs to be born. I pray that all  will be fine for both of them. Rick will be coming home from  Calgary tomorrow , hopefully he will be a grandfather by the time he gets home and I should have some good photos to show :)). I am excited to be a great grandmother again and to have one baby close to home will be marvellous.  All the other greats are in Quebec or Louisiana so I am happy to have a baby here.
The Mentalist is on now so see you later folks.
 It was good too. My favourite show on TV.  I do like some of those old movies on Turner  Classic Movies. They take me back to younger days. Sometimes we even have popcorn while watching them. All part of the package wouldn't  you say?
Well that will be all for tonight friends.  Have a pleasant evening.
Kalinihta from Athens.

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Diana Davis said...

I just now saw this; I would never guess that the picture was you! OW! I hope you are healing by now!!!! Take care, my friend!!