a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nothing to report

Nothing!! I sat all day or slept depending on how I felt. That was it. Oh and I worked on my computer for a while but that was my day.I was a bit stiff and sore with more parts of my body stiffening up and a bit more bruising showing up. I am thinking about what happened and wondering how I ended up on the wrong side. I went in with my left side to the counter where I hit my head and ended up being wounded on my right side, I must have twisted somehow. What would cause that, any ideas?
Ray went out to  buy a lemon LOL!!
How exciting!! However he is baking a salmon side for dinner and long with that cauliflower. Too bad I can't make a sauce but I can't be trusted with tools :))
We have been watching old movies , there was a marathon of Jane Wyman movies today so we watched a couple of them, one called So Big in which an intelligent , educated woman marries a dirt farmer for love and helps him on the farm doing the backbreaking work that thsi kind of farming entails, such as hoeing, and pulling the plow . sowing the seed byhand and picking the harvest by hand. The husband is uneducated and does not want to believe that a woman could have any ideas regarding the improvement of the land. They have one son whom she calls So Big when he is growing up. The father comes back from the market where he sells his produce in a wild storm. He develops an illness along the way and subsequently passed away. She is left with the farm and after a series of obstacles  she markets and sells her fabulous asparagus to restaurants and rich customers.
Her aim is to get So Big  well educated and to become an artichect. He gets his degree but instead of build better buildings he becomes a salesman of buildings. Mom is upset but as she is actually a saint in my opinion, says nothing much about it. So Big has a girlfriend who wants it all now which is why he is doing this job. And so it goes, I'll bet you can figure it all out when he falls in love with a real woman!!
Would you believe I lost this blog for a while,some kind of a glitz I guess. I checked it out several times and nothing,AHA! Because the title was "nothing" to report  LOL.
Snowed under, look at this beautiful sight and dream on. :))

The end.
Have a lovely evening folks.  Not bad for nothing to report LOL>
Bona Sera!

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Anonymous said...

I just read your post.I hope you are feeling better. What a shame you got injured. Take it easy for awhile and don't overextend yourself.