a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cute BOM

A free BOM, kind of pretty wouldn't you say? Click on the http beside the picture. 

Poor Ray got stuck to do all the work again this week. I wonder if this back will ever get better.
I had some good dippings today, cauliflower dipped in aged cheddar and chipotle sauce. It is hot so if you don't like hot then forget it.  However it is very tasty . I love cauliflower so thought it would be good dipped in this sauce and I was right, it was. I'll bet you can dip almost anything you like in any sauce you want. So be brave , put your foot out there and take a chance. If you want to dip your foot that is LOL. See not feeling  good does not ruin my appetite. I thought it would but there you are , it doesn't.
There is little to say since I have scarcely moved out of my chair today. I wanted someone in my family to come and delete my email messages from upstairs but..... Rick is back in Calgary, Peter is somewhere in another part of the world. Adam is in London, Matthew is in Winnipeg, Jim is in Edmonton and Mary is in Victoria. So it will have to wait  until someone comes home or I get better and can climb the stairs.
Also I cancelled my date with Sam tomorrow because I want to call the doctor for a morning appointment. Don't you just hate wasting time like this. Waa,Waa,Waa.... LOL.
Ione tells me that Community Quilts is making a quilt for the Red Cross to raffle off to make some money. When it is finished she will send me a photo, I can hardly wait!
Charlotte's Grandmother , Lewis' mother, came from Alberta this weekend  to visit her new granddaughter. She and Lewis went to Bellingham to baby shop. I wonder what Grandma Van Dyke bought for Charlotte. I must write Meg and ask her. Maybe she has photos.
If you are a skier it isn't a good time to take to the mountains, it is far too dangerous with avalanches happening all too often. You have only 15 minutes survival time if you are buried in an avalanche. Just a little warning. Do quilters ski? haha.
Beautiful but deadly!
That's all folks!
Have a good evening. Bon Soir.

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Diana Davis said...

Oh dear Nan! I do wish your back would behave itself! Praying for a quicker healing for you. I know you must be miserable not being able to do the things you would like to do. If I was close I'd come delete for you! LOL But instead you'll just have to put up with hearing from me!

Hugs and prayers,