a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Little Charlotte has a bit of jaundice. Her mommy says she is having a spa day with her little eye covers and a light bath.
Let's hope she recovers quickly from this not to be unexpected condition. Apparently lots of babies get jaundice and the hospitals are quick to take care of it.  She does look relaxed doesn't she?  She is not allowed to have any visitors for safety and health reasons.
We had a full day today, the bug people came to spray for those little silverfish  that so often live in apartment buildings so we had to leave for four hours. They came at 8:45 , it took 10 minutes to do the job and then we had to leave. First we went up to the mall for a bit of breakfast. Tim Horton's  was out choice and frankly I used to love the breakfast sandwich but this one this morning was like cardboard. The egg was tasteless and the ham as well. The bun was an English muffin which is pretty dry anyway, the cheese was cold ,not melted and it was all without flavour. I was pretty disgusted and very disappointed. Another thing I won't try again. Where do they get these ingredients that are utterly tasteless. I swear they are all created by man and not natural.I usually love eggs for their wonderful taste and where do you find ham that is not full of flavour. Ah well the end of my rant!!
We walked around for a bit to get a littlel bit of movement, can't really call it exercise. My back was so bad this morning and that made it awkward to walk very far. I cried a lot LOL.
We did go to Costco for paper goods and we did not stop for one of the wonderful hot dogs because we had the cardboard first.
Snow today, causes a ton of traffic issues here. But it was gone by the end of the day.
We came back to our little mall and to the bakery for some lovely sour dough bread, and did a bit of shopping at the grocery store and finally our time was used up and we could keep my appointment for the chiropractor.  Thanks goodness, he set me up,  hopefully that will be it but not too likely.  I think I'll probably need another couple of treatments and I should be right as rain.
Then I got my hair cut and just cut , nothing else. It is guild night tonight and usually I get my hair done for that but of course I did not go tonight. I hate missing guild, it is enjoyable I can visit with other members and n get some great photos LOL.  No photos tonight I am afraid.  Maybe tomorrow I can get some good ones. We really need to go somewhere different. :))-  maybe the park where the geese live :))
I have run out of talk for tonight, have a lovely evening especially Kathy at guild, hope it is good....
God Aften.

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Diana Davis said...

Kinda giggled at the fact you didn't need to stop and eat cuz you already ate the cardboard! Hahaha! Anyway sorry to hear the baby is jaundiced, but better to catch it now! James was 5 days old and I discovered he was jaundiced; he slept almost all the time and hardly even woke up to eat. His eyes looked yellow to me, so I called the hospital and they said bring him right in. Well they did a blood test on him and said they were keeping him!!! I was of course upset; he was 5 days old! He spent the next two weeks in the hospital, and had to have 2 blood transfusions. What a trying time it was! So catching it now and just lying in the light is a GOOD thing!!!

Hope the chiro is helping your back!! Take care of yourself! ♥