a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ouch it hurts

My back is giving me you know what from that fall so I am creeping around the house LOL.
I was able to go grocery shopping though But the pain just got worse so I came home a lay down for a short nap.
I called Rick to see if he had any pictures of the baby but when he went to see her today he was not allowed in. That hospital in Abbotsford is new and has lots of security for the babies in the nursery. First you have to get permissiont to enter  and need to have someone like the dad or mom to go in with you. You need to wash your hands thoroughly just after you enter the nursery to be able to go in there where the babies are. There were several preemies in that nursery. My own babies were in the 9 and 10 pound category so these tiny ones are a revelation to me.  They are perfect, tiny fingernails, tiny hands and feet. What a joy to see them, ours in particular was the most perfect of all LOL!
I can hardly wait until she gets home and we can really visit.:))
Mary and Albert are coming over tonight for a visit. I sure miss Mary being way over there on Vancouver Island. She is here now because she just became an auntie. And I talked to young Rick and he is happy to be an uncle too. Now my boys are great uncles, what do you think of that? Everyone is very happy about the baby.
I don't think I am ever going to sew again from the way things have been going but I need to because Meg said she would like one of my embroidered quilts. I have an adorable set of embroidered ballerinas which will make a lovely baby quilt. I just need to get down to it. Of course Charlotte is still young and doesn't care LOL.
My  granddaughter Chelsea is going back to Toronto  tomorrow to start her second term at Humber University.
Some of last night's party girls. It is fun getting together. We do this every two months and have for over 25 years. It is so good to have long time friends. I have said that before but it bares repeating. Is that the right Bear/Bare I wonder. If you know send me a note.

I have been reading  James Patterson's Don't Blink and am wondering why all his novels these days seem to be written in conjunction with another author.
I have to check out my turkey bits that are on the stove getting ready for tomorrow's turkey soup making. I love making soup and eating it of course. So tonight I decided to cook the turkey, then I'll put it is the fridge and scoop off any excess bits and pieces in the morning.
And tonight I'll update my book list about which I have been very remiss lately.
Have a grand evening friends , I am going to when Mary and Albert get here.
Dobru Noc.


Diana Davis said...

LOL it's 'bear' but I don't think most people notice! ;^)
I do hope you heal quickly! And I am happy about your new great grandchild!

Jaayimee said...

James Patterson doesn't write his own books any more. At least I believe he in one of them. They come up with an idea and farm it out to some one else to write. The most famous authors do this. It's why the books will be good then all of a sudden they are so different you kind of quit reading them.