a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

many thanks to Diana

I have been trying for weeks to get my photos out of my Webshots. I need to make complaints here more often because when I whined about it in my blog the other night my friend Diana in Michigan told me what to do. I have made postcards and wanted to use them as a picture in my blog. Now I can thanks to Diana :))
For those of you who have this problem, Diana says to go to your webshots, enlarge the photo you want to use , download it and save it to your files where you can grab it and use it in your blog or wherever you want to use it.
Given that information I did just that and here is my postcard....
Well that didn't work -any other ideas Diana. I just get rejected. I think that this Windows Live Mail makes things more difficult so I'll just keep on trying and as Diana says pulling my hair out, not that I have much hair to pull out LOL.
I went for X rays on my back this morning and it was quite uncomfortable but the technician was good and we got it done. Last night I got some Tylenol 3 for the pain and today got a call from my doctor to say I have an infection so I am also taking antibiotics. It never rains but it pours. I feel like Job..
News Of The Day: Did you see that "Baby" Doc Duvalier was arrested when he landed in Haiti. I wonder what he was thinking given the crimes he committed on the Haitian people.  He needs to pay for his crimes and he will now I think.
There I did it .But it is not quite how I want it to be. I had to send myself a postcard and it came out too small. This is an old fashioned sewing machine, a hand crank Willimatic , circa 1800. It is so cute I love it. It is Machine embroidered, I found the free tape measure  somewhere and added it to the postcard. The purple background is one of my favourites fabrics and I only have a scrap left. When I was in Intercourse , Penn. one of the shops, can't recall the name had this fabric in all colours and I bought all the colours. I have really enjoyed using it. Too bad there is no more out there. That was quilte a long time ago so I have had my money's worth.  I had so much fun making this set of postcards but dropped out of the group since one lady said she thought embroidered cards were the lazy way to make a PC and that those of us who did so showed no imagination or creativity. That attitude left me cold so I stopped participating. I did address the issue though since I think that you need to respond to that sort of thing. I wasn't rude just explained my feelings.
There that is my thoughts for the day.
I wish you all a great evening and a wonderful day tomorrow.
Buenas Noches.

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Diana Davis said...

Nan, when you get the chance, send me the link for the pics you want posted and I will post them for you. You have to make them full size before saving them. I always save mine to the desktop (otherwise I can't find them LOL).
Am praying that you get better quickly!!!! I love the old machine in the pic. :^)