a favourite shade of blue

a favourite shade of blue

Thursday, January 13, 2011

blind quilter

Wow this lady is amazing, have a look at her, blind as she is, sewing hundreds of quilts. And see how happy she is. Although her comment about a sore back got to me LOL.
Well my back is even sorer now. I sneezed a massive sneeze and my back is back at least 4 days ago. Drat. Is there a way out of this I wonder. So of course there was no sewing happiness here once again. I want to make some more FSL bookmarks. My friend Diana in Michigan did not receive the one I sent to her in December and I would like to replace it  but cannot sit at the machine .

Ah there it is Diana, the gold one was the one I sent you.

As we all know embroidery machines do not take kindly to being left alone and need to be machine sat at all times. Dare I take the chance! Oh well go for it, I am tired of doing nothing and if it goes badly it will have to be done over again. That gives me lots to do, hah!! My objective this next few months is to make a quilt for Charlotte and do a few more mug rugs. Now if only I can get started.
This afternoon I spent time in bed with painkillers to avoid the pain. If I don't move I am okay.
How does one write a blog and not use the "I" so much, it must be a real writer's trick that I don't get.
There was an article in the paper today about Narcissism  which turns out to be the cult of "ME" in this day and age and not the reference of Narcissus gazing with true love at his own image in a pool of water. So does that mean  we neeed to have a bit of humour about our selves and not take us so seriously.  Makes sense to me. The author Meghan Daum postulates at the end of her article that we are not a nation of narcisissts but a nation of jerks. Good article but she is referring to the USA , does that let us off the hook. I think not. Whoops there's the I again.
No photos tonight, we did have a beautiful sunset but the photos I took were not beautiful. LOL.  Too much glare from the inside.
I haven't heard from Meaghan today now that Charlotte is out of hospital and back home. I wonder why LOL. Do you remember? Even after 57 years I still remember, well almost 57years. 56 and 10 months. That was the beginning of years of no sleep :>))  thanks boys LOL.
This is a great quilting site, lots of quilting videos to help pass the time away if you laid up for any reason. Worked for me this morning, I loved them.
That is it for me tonight, hope you all have a wonderful evening.
Bona vesperado.

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